Rat Salad's top tips to keep your jewellery looking lush:

- Avoid contact with perfume. Even Britney Spears' Fantasy. We know it smells gorge but it can make your jewellery tarnish, engraving lose it's dark colour and plating wear quicker, so spritz at your own risk.

- Avoid contact with false tan. I wear false tan with mine all the time and let me TELL YOU I need to professionally polish that baby up more frequently than I'd like. Keep it fresh by keeping it to a minimum (plus you can enjoy your beautiful skin as it is). Basically keep it away from most lotions and potions (bath products, body lotions etc etc).

- Keep your jewellery away from water, especially chlorine. Also keeps chances of losing it in pool related incidents to a minimum. (Kim K, we're looking at you babe x)

- Keep it clean with a silver (or gold if you've chosen a plated item) polishing cloth. If you need links to where to buy these, hit me up!

Silver can oxidise when stored in damp environments, so the best way to keep your jewellery fresh is by wearing it. You're probably going to want to do that anyway when you see how cute you look. Please note that (especially in hot weather and with all of the beaut oils and glistening goodness on our skin) silver can still tarnish during wear. This will polish up with a polishing cloth and a bit of elbow grease. Recycled silver lasts a lifetime, but still requires a little bit of love and care every now & again. Just like all of us.

All jewellery is engraved in house, then filled with a wee bit of jewellery arcylic to make the lettering super dark and lovely. Keeping soap and water away from the engraving helps keep it dark for as long as possible, so we reccomend taking rings off when doing dirty stuff (oioi) and when washing your hands.

Plated items consist of a layer of real (!!!!) gold, covering a sterling silver base. Please be aware that over time and with consistent wear, plating will thin, so follow the tips above to keep it gold for longer! If you'd like to get your item replated, we can do this for a charge- just pop us a line!

We know accidents happen- I can't tell you how many times I've snapped a necklace in a panic to put it on on my way out the door (always late) so don't worry- any accidental damage/breakage can be repaired at a small charge.