Welcome to Rat Salad. I'm Emma; jewellery designer, silversmith and basically every member of the Rat Salad team (except my partner, Johnny who helps me stay motivated and make decisions!)

Born from the pressures of a modern world that encourages perfection, Rat Salad jewellery brand is a reminder that our imperfections are the things that make us human (and are often the things that make life the most delicious)


I design and engrave each piece in my store from my home studio in Newcastle, UK. As well as working in jewellery design for a number of brands for over 5 years, I studied silversmithing at a small jewellery school in Newcastle city centre. After starting my first jewellery business, KIGOI, where I developed my individual practice, I was looking for a way to express a part of myself that wouldn't translate to this brand. And so, Rat Salad was born.


Why Rat Salad?  Rat Salad is a Black Sabbath song. Music is the biggest part of my life (besides jewellery!) and a huge influence on all of my design work. I lost my mum as a young girl and never got the chance to share our mutual love of Black Sabbath as an adult. This is a nod to her.

Plus, my business mentor also told me it means something about throwing pubes in people's faces, so that's something too.


We work hard to ensure that our jewellery is sustainable, planet friendly and human friendly. We work in recycled sterling silver, or with suppliers that are part of the Responsible Jewellery Council, a council set up to audit supply chain and ensure ethical practice within the jewellery sector. Rat Salad also has a focus on sustainability- all of our packaging and materials are recyclable including the products themselves, which is why I only work in precious metal. 

We also work hard to keep prices as affordable. I always want to make sure as many people as possible can afford to buy from our shop. We believe fun and beautiful things are for EVERYONE and want to remove as many barriers as possible to purchasing from us. 

I hope Rat Salad brings you all as much joy as it brings me.